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Commanding Officer

Born and raised in Texas, Christina moved to the state of Pennsylvania in 2017. 

She enlisted with Rebel Legion in 2019. Her approved costumes include a Jawa, Cantina Bith Musician, and featured X-Wing Pilot.  Christina's future costume includes the Rebel Fleet Trooper and Rise of Skywalker Rey.

Her love of Star Wars does not stop with the Rebellion... she is also a member of the 501st Legion and currently building a custom Mandalorian suit to join the Mercs costuming group.


Beyond the fun of Star Wars, Christina loves creating delightful dishes in her arsenal of endless recipes.  She is the "Dessert Diva" when it comes to treats and sweets. The kitchen is one of her favorite rooms to relax.  

Her personal moto is: Be good for the sake of good; be kind for the sake of kind; and be friendly to be friendly.  

** It's about having fun, and we are lucky to have her as our founding Base CO.

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